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i'm pins and i'm needles.
31 octobre 2005 @ 12:42
happy halloween, bitch.
i'm pins and i'm needles.
29 octobre 2005 @ 11:54
last nite i went to a halloween party at a warehouse. i swear, the coolest homes are made from places that weren't meant to be homes. seriously. did a few lovely substances, danced the night away. they had a good playlist. the played lots of the rapture. and of course, thriller. the one that really puzzled me was when they played an mcr song. i never really thought of jetset life as danceable. it was quite amusing. met lots of people, not one of whom's name i remember. there were lots of pretty people, and tons of faces that i'd seen everywhere, yet never seen before. generic. lookalikes. jack knew everyone. EVERYONE. whenever someone would walk by, they'd stop to greet him. i got free drinks cause i was "in" with the guy who knew everyone. there was vegan pizza. adam was there. talked with him a bit. heidi was dressed as circa 1972. fun stuff. there were two myspace costumes. how sad is that? funny, but sad.

this wasn't at the party but i totally wanna do this some time: four people in black cardboard rectangles. what are they? the black flag logo. yes. awesome. and there's a black flag tribute cd thing at work i really really really want.....i'll get it sooner or later.
je me sens: hungover
i'm pins and i'm needles.
27 octobre 2005 @ 12:53
yesterday was a good day. today shall be a good day as well.
je me sens: a good one
j'écoute: [the valley arena] paint it red
i'm pins and i'm needles.
26 octobre 2005 @ 13:49
i came up with a cool band name.

the chemical division.


i want a new lj. i'm thinking of names.
i'm pins and i'm needles.
25 octobre 2005 @ 14:00
so last nite, i saw the valley arena at chain reaction. it was loads of fun. i really quite liked the first band that played, controlling the famous. their bassist had a dance. and then the valley arena played. they were awesome, as expected. i really liked how even though the singer played guitar as well, he didn't let the instrument tie him down to one place on the stage. he really moved around. that was cool. i talked to the singer (warren) after they played and got their cd. it's awesome. and as i was standing outside being bored because i was at a show all by me onesies and had no one to talk to, these nice people came up to me and started talking to me. their names are as follows: jack, heidi, adam, and lisa. it turns out that jack was the auquabats' merch guy, and he toured with them and the phenomenauts. and then we watched the appleseed cast. they were pretty good, but their vocals needed to be turned up a bit. and then we hung out outside and chatted. they all tried to convince me to go vegetarian again. and apparently, LA is gonna get bombed today. the nuclear fallout is prolly gona hit fullerton, isn't it? crap. oh well. after discussing the end of the world, heidi and lisa left, and jack and adam and i went to danny's and chatted up the waitress, jessica. fun times. and then we all parted ways. myspaces were distributed throughout the night, and fun is still yet to be had.
je me sens: bouncy
j'écoute: [the valley arena] the plastic knife you swing
i'm pins and i'm needles.
24 octobre 2005 @ 14:54

anne rice found god?????????????????????????

what is our world coming to????????
i'm pins and i'm needles.
i'm too lazy to update....soooo. here's how rebecca put it (i'll change the pronouns to avoid confusion):

"Thursday, [Rebecca] came with me to go see Orphan Muses at [Rebecca's] school's other theater in Santa Ana. It was really good. After that, we had some late dinner and coffee at this cool cafe next to the theater. It was open mic...and there were some nice performances. When we got out of there we gave Justin Pointer a call and he had already started to party after his show...he was drunk off his ass. We went over to Justin's house...and this time there were lots of people there. But of course, as usual, Justin was the only one getting trashed so we all just sat there and laughed at all the stupid things he was saying. The next day...class...then Chelsea came with me and [Rebecca] to go visit Derek at work. We brought him hugs. Actual hugs...and chocolate ones. He's doing ok. I'm sure Sunday's going to be hard for everyone though. Oh, if you can...please try and make it out to Dallas's memorial. This Sunday night 8:00pm in Downtown Disney. Right in front of ESPN Zone where they played all those hot summer and chilly holiday nights. After we came back from visiting Derek we went to dinner at BJ's because Chelsea had a gift card. Then Chelsea and [Rebecca] went to see Anything Goes at school."

oh. who's been quoted now, biotch? yeah....that's what i thought.....


but yeah, seriously, go to the memorial if you can. i can't cause i have work. i'll be there in spirit, though....

and today is robert's 20th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like totally.

and i wanna move out in december.
j'écoute: [fugazi] repeater
i'm pins and i'm needles.
17 octobre 2005 @ 23:20
i made my new icon from a photo i took today.

and here are the pictures...Réduire )

i could see my breath today all day. it rained and thundered and lightninged lots. and while i was walking in the park, my nose started running. because it was that cold. for the first time since i've lived here, it actually looks and feels like october. i'm happy.
j'écoute: [radiohead] we suck young blood
i'm pins and i'm needles.
16 octobre 2005 @ 23:47
i'll take famous urologists for $500, alex.
i'm pins and i'm needles.
15 octobre 2005 @ 14:37
happy halloween, bitch.