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05 novembre 2005 @ 12:00
thank you, staples.  
last nite, rebla and i went to santa ana and went to the gypsy den again. fun stuff. and we also saw the CAMILLE ROSE GARCIA ART EXHIBIT AT THE GRAND CENTRAL THEATER THINGIE FDLHDFGNVOIVKBNVKF. to say the least, i was enthusiastic. and then we had boba and potstickers, and then we went to a couch party in tustin. we met myspace people.
blackrose92987 on le 05 novembre 2005 20:32 (UTC)
i LOVE boba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-this is what i get for going to school with a gazillion asian people
i'm pins and i'm needles.spikerose on le 05 novembre 2005 20:34 (UTC)
sooo good.