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02 novembre 2005 @ 10:10
i remember halloween.  
saturday, i worked until 11. after that i went to this party in downtown LA. lots of interesting people. nice house. not as much fun as the previous nite, but it was still fun. daylight saving threw us off. and then on sunday, collin and fil and josh came over and fun ensued. and on monday, rebla and i went to this party at heidi and taran's. lots of people. i felt popular. i was the dj for a bit. they had a slushie machine with cocktails in it. soooooo good. i played the electric drumset again. hung out in the pillows. talked to people. we stayed out till 4, not realizing that i had work at 8:30 the next morning. i think i deserve maybe a half a notch in my party animal card for that one. i should start keeping track of these. yeah. and now it's november. it's funny because yesterday was warmer than all of october put together. it's just not right.